Hummer-Bentley hybrid is unbelievable!

by yogesh

I dunno whether to laugh or cry about this. It makes me laugh when I see people come up with just about anything and call it luxury just cause of that hefty price tag. Whatever happened to good taste and some sense of aesthetics? Case in point: The Hummer-Bentley hybrid. The exterior is obviously making me cringe but the interior has me gasping for breath. This Dubai-based Hummer-Bentley hybrid has got too many eyebrows raised and definately not for the good.

Its a little tough to believe such reputed brands come up with something like this, which is more like a practical joke they have played on their endless fans. I think they should give away free glasses with this (Car?). Wouldn’t you need them when this car (?) shines bright during a sunny day? Some people may actually like this as a result of the love they have for the respective brands Hummer and Bentley. As for the rest who don’t, to each his own.
Via – Luxurylaunches