Hummel: A two-seater, ‘foldable’ helicopter

by Dhiram Shah

Oh yes, everyone want to make everything compact and portable and so is that case with the Hummel. As the title grabbed your eye you’d be like “How?” Same here! It has a fully enclosed cabin and tandem ducted rotors to give you a better, more powerful flying experience. As for as the folding part is concerned, this one’s plain awesome as it comfortable folds into a box shape that can later be transported using a truck or any small heavy transport vehicle. The various applications that the Hummel may serve include air taxi, emergency services, coast guard, police, army, light transport and of course, pleasure cruises.

The Hummel has been designed by Daniel Kocyba. It can be flown on a ‘sports’ pilot license and doesn’t require a helipad to be constructed in your backyard.