Huawei HW-01D an ingenious phone for kiddies

by Dhiram Shah

This is a really cool phone which I wish made it across the Pacific. The Huawei HW-01D is specifically made for concerned parents to know the whereabouts of junior. Cast in a bright case the dust and waterproof phone comes with a 2 inch QVGA screen which is protected by a superhard coating of 9H which is further strengthened by reinforced plastic to make sure that it withstands the occasional bus fights. Calling, texting and browsing is strictly limited to pre-defined numbers and websites. The GPS feature allows parents to track the whereabouts of the kids, it is possible to track the phone even when the phone is powered off and the location of the phone when powered off is also highlighted. The Kids phone as it is called will come in yellow, pink and blue in Japan, for emergencies it packs a 100db alarm.