HTC Shift X9000 UMPC info surfaces

by yogesh

Here is some gossip on the semi-full-featured hybrid tablet ultra-mobile PC from HTC, called the Shift X9000. This is a 1-inch thick, 2 pound device that features a 7-inch touchscreen and Windows Vista Business. According to a Laptop Magazine who reviewed it, the unit has built-in Sprint EVDO connectivity and push email. Apparently there are several hard-wired buttons to the right of the screen for activating Bluetooth, WiFi, and EVDO. There is a button for changing between the devices two resolutions – 1024 by 600 and 800 by 480. It also has a built-in 1-megapixel webcam, touchpad, fingerprint scanner, two vertically organized mouse buttons, and a SnapVue button, which allows users to check email even if the device is off. It uses Origami 2.0 for web browsing and media management, plus Internet Explorer is also onboard.

HTC X9000 has a 40GB 4200RPM hard drive and 1GB of memory; it is powered with an 800MHz Intel A110 processor and Intel GMA 945 graphics processor. An SD-card slot with 4GB limit is also there. According to Amazon the unit will sell for $1500.

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