HTC explains the ‘The Anatomy of an Android OS Update’ through a detailed infographic

by Sayan Chakravarty

It’s always a bummer when a new version of Android is announced and there’s an excruciating long waiting period before the update lands up on your device. Most smartphones don’t even get the latest OS update and the worst bit is, there’s no specific timeframe, neither there are any notifications of the schedule. Though I am aware of the whole process behind it, but I admit, even I am left frustrated. HTC has released a brilliant infographic detailing every part of the process before the company releases a software update for its existing handsets. It rather massive infographic explains how HTC, Google, different carriers, and chip manufacturers put up a concerted effort in order to push the updates.

Named ‘The Anatomy of an Android OS Update’, the image takes you from the initial assessment stage to the final over-the-air update through a step by step process discussing three different device types: carrier, unlocked/developer, and Google Play edition. Going through the image, you’ll finally know who has been playing the spoiled sport all this while.

The entire infographic can be found below, but a summary and couple of important steps are listed below:

  • Google Play devices go through the least amount of hassle and jump quite a few steps.
  • Till step 5, which is where the chipset manufacturer checks the compatibility with the new OS update, all the types of devices go through the same process except that Google provides source code directly to HTC for Google Play devices.
  • An awful lot of carrier customizations are done on the software which takes up a lot of time during the process, especially if they don’t approve an initial build.
  • For the locked devices, carriers provide final technical acceptance, whereas for unlocked and Google Play devices, Google issues TA.


[Via – HTC]