HTC and Under Armour launch HealthBox personal fitness tracking system

by Gareth Mankoo

While you may have heard of a smartshoe, a discerning wristband and innumerable fitness apps, getting all of these in a single, well-synchronized package could well do the trick. Taiwanese tech giants HTC have partnered with Under Armour to launch the HealthBox. This fitness system seamlessly connects a variety of components to drive efficient tracking of your activities. The kit is made up of a heart rate monitor, a smart scale and a fitness band. All three components synchronize with a smartphone app, giving you a comprehensive, real-time report of your health and wellness. Fitness UA band calculates sleep times and workout activity. You can set and achieve goals while monitoring your progress. The UA heart rate monitor in a non-obtrusive chest strap-on that calculates calories burned and heart rate. The UA scale is Wi-Fi-connected and offers readings on weight and body fat. It can synch with up to eight users and connects with the UA record app.

The entire unit is available in a unified boxset. Preorders will be delivered on the 22nd of January 2016. It will also arrive at stores on this date and cost $400.






[ Via : Designboom ]

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