HP’s tie-up with Bang & Olufsen brings superior sound to laptops

by Gareth Mankoo

HP has upped the chances of some good audio output from their laptops following a tie-up with Bang & Olufsen. The brands will share the B&O Play technology to HP’s laptops, tablets and other accessories in the near future. It’s good to know that we are destined for truly rich audio output from HP gizmos, especially with the audio brand having the liberty to custom tune the devices that will contain their systems. The erstwhile tie up with Beats by Dr. Dre could have opened up new opportunities for HP that they could take forward with B&O. Users can look forward to the dedicated audio islands that will isolate sensitive audio circuits from other motherboards.

The brands announced that “the headphone jack [on any given HP/B&O collaborative product] limits the amount of metal parts to reduce ground noise to help further perfect the audio experience on HP devices.” The products that will offer B&O audio will include HP Spectre, HP OMEN, HP ENVY and some commercial PCs. B&O Play brand will come packed on HP Pavilion PCs, PC audio accessories, and tablets by this Spring.

[Via – Slashgear]

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