HP Wi-Fi Touch Mouse X7000 packs Facebook button

by Gareth Mankoo

The extremely stylish and curvy HP Wi-Fi Touch Mouse X7000 doesn’t need much praise for its looks since it pretty much gets your eyeballs in the first go. However, what really matters is the gesture-friendly response it sports. Left-handers like myself who have trained themselves to live in this right-hand-dominated planet will be thanking out stars, while the rigid ones will simply hate this piece of ‘art’. Being wireless you can enjoy it at distances of up to 30-feet. The battery life is another win, since nine months usage is quite a phenomenon to marvel at. And finally, among the six programmable buttons is the Facebook key that will get you on your favorite social network before you can say, ‘click’.

All this mouse demands is that you have a PC running Windows 7 OS. It will cost you just $60 to buy.

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