HP developing ‘Smart Dust’ micro sensors to monitor the planet, Big Brother just went microscopic

by Shayne Rana

If you’ve ever read Michael Crichton’s ‘Prey’ the idea of Kris Pister’s “smart dust” particles would not seem as fantastic as it sounds. In fact it just might scare the beejeebers out of you. His idea was that humans could develop tiny microbial sensors fitted with all sorts of technology like sensors, transmitters, cameras batteries etc. that would relay information about all that’s happening on the planet just by blowing about in the wind. As fascinating as that sounds Crichton portrays a ‘terminator’ scenario where the micro computers end up being more lethal than helpful. However, HP has got their nose to the grindstone with a project they’re calling the “Central Nervous System for the Earth” wherein, the company intends on deploying trillion sensors all over the planet to gather data for various reasons – to check various eco-system levels, get energy readings, spy on you while you’re taking a shower, having a secret meeting with your minions to come up with a game plan to take over the world etc.

Of course the technology is still a work in progress as these sensors will be small enough to roam freely and not disrupt daily existing working environments. As noble as the idea sounds, it’s not going to be long before the military of any government would take over this project, not sound like a conspiracy theory writer, but let’s face it; Big Brother was more effective when we couldn’t see the cameras or mics. Frankly speaking, ‘smart dust’ sounds like a great advancement in technology but could mean a big problem for personal privacy.

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