Hoyos Eyelock USB Scanner scans retinas

by Gareth Mankoo

USB iris scanners are among the lesser heard-of devices to hit out security conscious population. The Hoyos Eyelock USB Scanner does just well to pick up your eye’s details and let you in to your personal data. It may be fooled using the numerous ingenious methods devised by data thieves, however, they’re also the one awesome mechanism to protect your private data if you aren’t holding anything as critical as political memoirs. The best part is that you don’t require to memorize another cumbersome password since your retina is your password.

The Hoyos Eyelock USB Scanner pretty much does all you need to do to protect your data at just $99. What I’m interested in knowing is how good would it feel to pull a wired gizmo to your eye for scanning purposes.

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