How to hide beer in office?

by Dhiram Shah

Whats better than a refrigerator mod to get some beers in the office.
No beer still, check after the jump.

Via – Dethroner


  1. dale h

    Stella – good choice

  2. Carter

    Fantastic. Simple, inexpensive, and extremely rewarding. My one question…
    What do you say when your boss asks why the box of paper/supplies starts to hum?

  3. Sid

    if it starts to hum id blame the termites

  4. Calvin Broadus

    just say its a design thing and he wouldnt understand

  5. e s


  6. streaker

    do you work in an office where the boss will ask workers why paper is hummnig instead of walking a few steps and see for him self?
    tsk tsk

  7. Joel

    You give a crappy via.

  8. AnusJuice.com

    Now if only they could figure out how to hide a hot dog stand…

  9. mangia

    Huh… These “office” looks a like warehouse… πŸ™‚

  10. D Felt

    When was the last time you saw a boss in the supply room. πŸ™‚

  11. davey

    what you need is a job where you don’t have to hide your beers.

  12. Andrew

    The answer is in the question, he of she became the boss so someone else could worry about the paper. πŸ™‚ Also, there appears to be some sort of appliance nearby.

  13. raouL

    Just say that the box is used to hold a bar fridge. that way if he does find out and planning to fire you for lying to him, he cant any more.. unless it was his beer u were actually drinking. then your fucked.

  14. krylonizer

    How is George Bush still in office, and how is this guy not running for president!?!?
    Sheer genius! I love it!

  15. hark

    stella is a good choice? sorry, don’t think so.
    a pseudo-belgian macro lager is never a good choice. fill it with real belgians or craft beer and we’ll talk.
    macro-brewed beer made by mega-corp congolomerates sucks!

  16. JoeM

    I’m a boss.
    I have a beer fridge right here.
    Just don’t tell the guy who keeps the store room tidy, OK?

  17. Gigi

    I don’t care who you are – this is funny.

  18. donny

    you’re still missing something, you must have a regular fridge with mountain dew cans loaded.
    open a cold beer, lose the contents of the DEW…..
    get back to your desk happy…

  19. Spencer Ferguson

    Wow! Someone is an absolute genius!

  20. rob obrien

    I want a job here!

  21. mike

    @ dale h…
    Stella. Bad choice.

  22. melissa

    there is no job where you dont have to hide beers

  23. McSmith

    yer, aargh i no who ya are i’m werk with yoo, ale. yes stock ale er o raronyerass. lager aint beer. steep up too tha plate.

  24. Lee

    I used to work at a company where the president of the company would serve us cold beer at our desks when we had to work late. Truth!
    Once he was worried that I was going to get a job with a competitor. I told him “Bill, if they offer me a job, I’ll just ask them if the president of the company will serve me cold beer at my desk when I have to work late. When they say no, I’ll tell them to forget it.”

  25. Nacelle

    Having beers and drinking them is another story. Where I work,there’s a stack of Playboys, a parade of guns and gun accessories, and bottles of homemade wine. Although they don’t stick around long. .

  26. Jake

    Don’t listen to the Haters. Stella is a Tasty Beverage, crisp and sharp. Hark, You sound like a True Beer Snob. Boo To You.

  27. Milander

    Jake, bless but stella is not a good beer. It’s fine if you want to get beer in for a big party or a BBQ say but for real flavour and taste get Staropramen, eidelweis, borsodi bak, amstel or any czech beer. It’s not snobbery it’s a question of good taste. I mean, you wouldn’t serve reisling white wine at a wedding would you?

  28. jonathan

    hum stella bad choice but my friend love GLACIER BEER
    . for incult this is kokanee.
    ya GLACIER TEAM for life.

  29. Fleder

    I used to work in a factory where there were a couple of restrooms that were never used. Me and my colleagues would hide our beers in the water resevoir there (NOT the part of the toilet where anyone could possibly take a dump!) because the water would circulate continually and that equals nice, cold beer. The boss never found out about this and the restroom is probably still in use as a beer cooler πŸ™‚
    @ Milander: Czech beer is good, but Amstel is below average. If you want to drink Dutch beer, try Hertog Jan

  30. Andrew 2

    If you snobs actually look closely there is a range of bottles in the fridge, only 2 of which are Stella

  31. jason

    I work for a German product design consultancy, so we have a fridge dedicated to beer that the company keeps stocked with assorted imports, mostly German labels. Its in the conference room where our billiards table resides. On Friday afternoons we have a mandatory design department meeting to drink beers and discuss projects. AND we get paid every month.

  32. foo

    I work in one of the R&D labs of a major software development company, and we’re officially allowed to drink beer at work (although our managers don’t like seeing anyone drink beer before 5 pm), we have 4 types of beer, and it is even paid by the company (probably to keep motivation high).

  33. Brad

    This is great. I have all the ingredients to do this, and now… i just might.


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