How to enter the developer mode of the Palm Pre? Just enter the Konami code

by Gareth Mankoo

However strange it may sound, it’s proven, and on video for those of you who are pessimistic about their beloved Palms. The developer mode can now be easily accessed by those ever-nosy geeks, thanks to this startling revelation from the guys at Remember the game called Contra that had our arses glued to the floor as we tumbled and toppled and got rid of the bad guys? Of course you do, and hey, it’s the very cheat code of this game that can get you to the dev mode of the Pre. Yes! You still remember! “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” rings in everyone’s ears like a mystic spell chanted in the most desperate times.

This code actually takes you to a hidden application called “Developer Mode Enabler” that takes you right to the otherwise-inaccessible of the phone. This is surely swell. I’m going to my Pre-owning pals place right away.