How to Creatively Market a Record Label in Today’s Market

by dhiram

The music industry has changed a lot over the years, most notably how we purchase and listen to music from our favorite artists. Albums used to come in a physical format, from records to CDs, and now the most popular format is digital downloads and streaming.

This evolution of the industry has caused record labels to change how they market the music their artists release. CD sales are a thing of the past. It’s now all about downloads and streams. Tony Fountain is the founder and CEO of NOW Entertainment, and has witnessed the shift first-hand. Here are a few creative ways to market a record label in this new digital age.

Be Active on Social Media
Social media is where all of the attention is and it’s where people are discussing music, according to Fountain. “You have to be promoting your music on social media, as it’s the best platform to debut new music, allowing for easy sharing. If you have a hit and the fans love it, they will go out of their way to share it. This can have a major impact on sales,” he says.

You want to put in the effort to build up a loyal following, composed of people that are into the music genre of your artists. The more niche you can get, the more impactful your social channels become as a promotional tool.

Cross-Promote with Your Artists
One of the easiest ways to build your following is to have your artists promote your accounts to their fans. Simple contests that require them to follow your label’s account can quickly build your following. It can be very cost friendly as well, often just requiring some free downloads or some merchandise.

“The best part about this strategy is that the followers you attract this way are very active and supporters of the music. I’d rather have 1,000 of these high engagement followers than 100,000 followers that will skip past your content in their feed,” explains Fountain.

You can also do massive label wide promotions, which creates a chain reaction, helping to grow the social media accounts of all artists on the label. This type of family collaboration can really help promote new music as well.

Make Your Artists’ Material Easily Accessible
There are so many options these days for music distribution, making it important you cover all of the bases and be available on each, and give all those options to your fans.

“There are so many places to purchase downloads and also stream, so the best way to manage it all is to first be available on every platform, and then make it all available in once place. Each artist should have one page on his or her website that has direct links to each purchase platform and each streaming service. Then, use that link in all social media profile URLs. This guarantees that the music will be easily accessible no matter what someone’s preferred music platform is,” explains Fountain.

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