How to Control Your Smart Devices Using Your Phone

by dhiram

Gone are the days when smartphones were only good enough to talk to the people you like and keep in touch with them through texts or emails. Nowadays, smartphones are capable of doing pretty much everything – things which were considered impossible a few decades ago.

One such example is the use of smart devices and apps. Smart apps basically let you bridge the gap between remote items and your smartphone, and you can practically just control everything you have at home using merely your phone. 

Now, let’s see how you can actually use your smartphone to use these smart devices you have, say, at your home or your office.

How Is Controlling Devices From Your Phone Possible?

Nowadays, technology surely makes us wonder how it does the incredible things which do not always make sense to an old-fashioned mind. Things like the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing are sometimes very tricky and seem magical compared to the technology of the past. 

The idea used here is also quite tricky. This rather new technology of controlling things remotely uses the idea of IoT and cloud computing. In simple terms, it lets you connect wirelessly to smart devices by using the internet.

The gadget you wish to control is connected to your internet on the same server as your phone so that it can access that smart device. This lets your phone communicate effectively to the smart device you wish to control.

Finally, when you are able to communicate to the device, all that’s left to do is actually physically control the device according to the commands passed by the phone. This is done by using sensors and various motors and actuators. The sensors read data, pass them to the phone using the internet, the phone processes information sends the command, and the motors installed on the device, in turn, are used to process the received information.

As an example, one of the many smart devices available is automatic blinds. These blinds can be controlled via your phone to automatically close or open, as opposed to the conventional ones which need to be operated manually. Simply connect a set of smart blinds to your WiFi and a corresponding app, and you can control the blinds without touching them or without even being at home. 


Smart Apps :

Smart apps are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as a primary way of controlling your smart devices through your smartphone. The phenomena are pretty simple, and all you have to do is install the app on your smartphone through either play store or AppStore, on Android, and iOS, respectively.

The apps are pre-built with functions that let you get in touch with the remote smart devices you have placed elsewhere. Once you get the app up and running on your smartphone and do the necessary login procedures, you’re all good to go.

Now, all you have left to do is explore the app and get familiar with its interface and see everything it has to offer. There are hundreds of functions built-in to these apps, and upon just a single tap, you can get the work done on your smart device.

Furthermore, there are many extensions as well, and if you want to add more functions to the app, you can do so easily by installing the add-ons.

Below given are some top-rated apps that are recommended to be used in controlling smart devices using your very own phone. Many of these apps can integrate all of the smart devices in your home on one easy application. 

Smart Things (iOS) :

This is a free app for iOS devices, which is available on the AppStore. The Smart Things app totally lets your phone become an actual remote control for everything you often use at your home, be it the oven or the garage door.

The customer can basically purchase a kit that costs around 300 bucks, which contains the appropriate sensors and tools that you can connect to anything that you wish to control through your phone. Once the sensors are fixed with the object, you can easily monitor and control the thing 24/7 while being anywhere.

Ninja Blocks :

Very much like Smart Things described above, this also uses the idea of letting you control the devices you want through the use of the internet while being virtually anywhere; all you need to have is the internet.

The idea used here is cloud-based, and rather than making a pre-set app, ninja lets you make the apps yourself for the things that you want to control so you can customize the app yourself.

However, don’t freak out if you don’t have any programming knowledge as it won’t be required to make the app work.


Takeaway :

Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented rate, and every day there are new gadgets coming out, making people’s lives easier and more efficient. These smart devices have made all of our lives so much easier so that even when we are not present at home, we can practically control our home and monitor it without any worry.

So, we should always be aware of the new techs and keep up with them for our own good. There are various tech websites that let you stay in touch with current and upcoming trends.

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