How online games are redefining entertainment industry?

by Dhiram Shah

Online gaming has metamorphosed into a behemoth in recent times. Among the thriving business in India, this online industry has come in for a special focus. According to a recent report by KPMG and Federation of Sports gaming in India, Online gaming industry is expected to clock a revenue up to 12000 crores by 2023 and will grow at an astounding rate of 22%. The number of active gamers has ballooned to 250 million gamers from a mere 25 million in 2010. You may wonder what’s so special in these games that attract people from all walks of life.

Every human craves some kind of entertainment in his life in order to provide them some relief from the hardships they endure in their routine life. People choose a wide range of activities to get such relief – Watching Television, visiting theatres, Play their favourite game, listen to music, going to concerts and dramas, indulge in their hobbies like painting, dancing etc. Unfortunately, in this digital age where the days are moving fast and we are burdened with too much work, we are unable to allocate the time required to pursue our interests. To relieve our anxiety and stress, online games have arrived as a blessing in disguise.

These games not only de-stress us but also gives us the thrill and excitement. Some of the games like online rummy even allow gamers to win real cash. Guess what! All the fun and excitement can be enjoyed from the comfort of our home. Online games have completely redefined the entertainment industry with its unique model of providing fun and thrill at all times. Let us see the areas where it had created an impact and has replaced the traditional method of entertainment.

1. Play anytime, anywhere
Everybody loves to watch television programs. You may prefer to watch any genre on television – sports, news, drama, reality show, debates, and science show etc. However, you have to watch what is broadcasted in the limited time you spend on TV. And the prerogative of what to broadcast entirely lies with the TV Channel. Whereas in the realm of online gaming, you are literally the boss! You get to play in our own terms! Online games are available 24*7 and with the number of people pursuing online games these days; you can always find someone to play with. Forget people, there are literally thousands of games where you can play against the computer.

2. Play the characters to your liking
Imagine you are watching a superhero movie and your superhero is in adversity, the way he emerges out of it entirely depends on the director’s creativity. Sometimes you may like it, sometimes not. But when you are an online gamer you can choose to steer your hero as per your wish. There are no restrictions for you, unlike movies which are confined to boundaries. The superhero characters like Batman, Ironman, and Spiderman are all available as an online game. You get to manoeuvre your superhero to your liking. And there are exciting missions for you to conquer which are more engaging than watching the movie.

3. Fascinating and intriguing
Similar to movies, online games create a strong impact on our minds. Whether it is a fast-paced racing game like Need for Speed (NFS) or an action game like PubG or Mortal Kombat, the games are fascinating and keep you glued to your monitors for long. Adventure games like Assassin’s Creed and Silent Age have an intriguing plot and create an immersive gaming session with its advanced graphics.

4. Relieves stress
There are over a hundred shooting games available in Playstore and AppStore that are available for free. Studies reveal shooting games help us relieve stress and anxiety. Similar to shooting games, there is a growing fascination for skill-based card games like rummy and poker. Players can simply choose a reliable rummy app like Deccan Rummy mobile and start playing almost instantly. Playing rummy game online would help you increase your concentration, reduce your stress and would increase your memory and spatial skills

With the ubiquitous availability of online games, the entertainment industry has completely changed. People no longer have to rely on traditional modes of entertainment. With every passing day, the online gaming industry is taking giant strides and capturing new territories. The gaming industry is here to stay for a long time!