How modern technologies are changing the face of gaming in Las Vegas

by dhiram

The gaming industry has been booming for more than five years now. Since the creation of gambling establishments online, gambling has become more technological and massive.

A modern range of slot machines, emulators and thematic games can surprise the most demanding players. Even mobile versions of games and applications have become something casual. Therefore, in order to attract the attention of gamblers, many top online casinos continue to develop and form new, more technological offers. And some of their ideas are simply unbelievable.

Virtual Reality in Casinos Online
Today, the scope of VR is constantly growing and includes the use of both mobile and desktop PC headsets that take you to a new virtual world. This technology allows you to become part of a new space. The first prototypes were cumbersome, and the graphics left much to be desired. But now, modern virtual reality sets do not have tons of wires, are compact enough and affordable for many. Today, many users have compact headsets like the Oculus Rift S or Valve’s Index.

One of the first casino software providers that started working with virtual reality tech is NetEnt. Their popular Gonzo Quest slot has been adapted for VR headsets. Using controllers and capturing head movements, gamblers can control the gaming machine. The WebVR industry is still at a very early stage. Many gambling providers are making efforts to popularize it in the future, so these technologies will be widespread in modern casino online.

Augmented Reality and Online Casinos
Fans of the famous gaming masterpieces like Pokemon Go could personally get acquainted with the possibilities of augmented reality – AR. Augmented reality in the industry of casinos online has not yet found a significant response. However, work is underway.

AR-gambling can be implemented using wearable gadgets, projectors or portable electronics. The hologram of a gambling establishment in a regular living room will be excellent entertainment for a friendly company and a fun pastime. A personal home gambling dealer is one of the prospects for the development of the gambling market in the near future.

Skill Based Gambling
The gaming industry also affects gambling. A new trend, emerging in the USA (Atlantic City), is based on the provision of a kind of symbiosis of computer games and slots. Colorful graphics and rewards for skills do not leave players indifferent. Video Gambling Machines (VGM) are created to attract gamblers who are interested in exciting graphics, an interesting storyline and the opportunity to win money using skills. Cameco’s VGM games already have thousands of fans. Given the popularity of computer entertainment among a young audience, the industry has room to grow.

E-sports is developing at a galloping pace. Digital competitions have gone from a niche for geeks to a multi-million dollar industry. Gamers play popular network projects like DotA 2 or League of Legends in front of thousands of live audiences and millions of online viewers. Such events will inevitably become a target for online betting companies with bets on your favorite team or the outcome of the event.

E-Sports is very similar to the industry of gambling since it has a similar principle for betting on sports events. Modern technological capabilities allow gambling to grow and form new niches that are interesting for millions of players. Current developers of games for virtual casinos are adopting new technologies and are ready to surprise the audience of gamers with their new products.