How Gadgets Affect Academic Performance in University

by Staff

Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology our life became much easier. It helps us in different spheres and education is one of them. Students actively use all kinds of gadgets to execute their assignments faster and more effectively. Moreover, teachers and professors encourage using modern devices. This practice strongly affects academic performance in university. Is it good or bad for students? We think that it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.


– No boundaries
– Access to information
– The enhanced motivation of students
– Improved learning skills
– Maintenance of collaboration


– Social withdrawal
– Distraction
– Frequent cheating
– Undependable resources
– Unequal accessibility

Let’s analyze these points offered by a team of highly skilled academic writers from professional academic writing service which helps students with complex assignments.

Gadgets help to fulfill merely every academic assignment and very fast. Students receive instant access to information sources that help to complete their tasks. Such speed and productivity greatly motivate them. Students become active participants in the learning process and can improve all kinds of learning skills. Every gadget offers multiple functions to sustain any skills you need. Besides, students collaborate with one another. They are divided into groups that are connected via devices. This ensures a quicker execution of tasks and promotes communicative and interpersonal skills.

In the meanwhile, constant implementation of digital devices induces some problems and drawbacks. Many students become addicted to the continuous use of digital devices. Thus, they have torn off society and many of them cannot properly communicate with people in real life. Many of them get distracted by technology and oftentimes, don’t even fulfill learning tasks. They get strongly dependent on technology and are completely unable to complete even the simplest assignments on their own.

The resourcefulness of technology encourages cheating. Thus, many students plagiarize their papers and steal concepts of other authors and students. However, some folks cannot find relevant data because many online resources are fakes. Besides, not all students can afford modern gadgets. This gives advantages to students who possess gadgets. As a result, students without sufficient funds and digital support fall behind the rest.

These were the main pros and cons we’ve decided to highlight. Of course, there are some other points too. Learn them all to make the right decision.

What Gadgets to Use?

-If you’re determined to use gadgets in your learning, you should be aware of the current trends. Study the main functions of every gadget to understand whether it fits your learning style and goals or no. It’s necessary to recognize general categories.

– Projectors. Project images on any surface to make lectures and lessons more interactive and effective.

– Smartboards. Allow writing on a whiteboard whatever is necessary. Substitute the function of a common class board.

– Smart tables. A more advanced version of smartboards. Allow highlighting more points at the same time on a single table.

– Laptops and tablets. Enable fulfillment of different functions, such as access to the Internet, writing, preparing presentations, audio and video manipulations, etc.

– Digital textbooks. Help to read electronic books, articles, guides, almanacs, and similar tools.

– Cameras. Provide the possibility to take instant photos and use them for different learning purposes.

– Audio systems. Help to listen to audio records, ensure wireless connection and other advantages for the development of listening skills.

Afterward, one can opt for concrete gadgets. We offer several helpful gadgets for university students too.

Apple iPad Pro is one of the most popular and highly efficacious digital creations. Though it was created as a mean of fun and entertainment, it is quite applicable for educational tasks. One can download all kinds of applications that help to solve various academic tasks. The possibilities are almost immeasurable.

Arduino Kit is an intelligent chip with software and hardware, which can be easily installed and used for different purposes. Students can construct and work with any type of gadgets. It is understood that it is beloved by engineers.

3D Printer is a unique creation, which allows receiving a three-dimensional image of any object. Though it is commonly used in fashion, architecture and similar spheres, it can be used in the classroom too. For example, it can create images of complex diagrams to understand them better and faster. It encourages creativity and interactivity in students.

Oculus Rift allows learning the new material and “feel” it. Using this smart device, you can build an architectural model, which barely differs from the real one. It will seem as if you observe the actual model of any object. The device likewise enables to work with history and natural sciences.

Besides, you are welcome to use other installations. For example, there are numerous steam kits. You can use them to work with DVDs, textbooks and other tools. There is a wide range of iPad boards and iPad projector’s, etc. Everything is for your comfort and progress. Professors and students can use them during their classes. It’s only necessary to define the most suitable and necessary tools.

There are also helpful gadgets that can be used by teachers and professors. If you’re a teacher or professor, you should know about the possible option. Perhaps, you’ll find some of them applicable to your classes.

It’s obvious that the matter of technology in education is dubious. There are certain drawbacks that should be taken into account. Nonetheless, we believe that education should use technology. Of course, it should be used with great caution. Students should be able to deal out their assignments independently and use gadgets as additional help.

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