HourDoc a new way to punch in to work

by mohsin

The day to day functioning of any company needs the monitoring of employee whereabouts, whether it is to call emergency meetings or just know if an employee has turned in for the day or not. HourDoc.com.com is an easy-to-use, web-based time and labor tracking system that provides companies advanced online tools to monitor and manage their employees. It takes two minutes for the data to be entered into the client’s account, but the HourDoc system will consider the incoming data “live.” In other words, it makes the time entry at the exact time the text message was sent, not the time it was received into the HourDoc system. Just like a normal text message, if the cell connection is interrupted, the SMS text message will hold in the phone’s internal computer and be automatically sent once the signal is again re-established. It will also use the original time the SMS text/time entry was sent by the employee.

The text messages are commands for the HourDoc.com system, and the employee chooses one of four text message commands. They are “in”, “out”, “bin” or “bout”. These stand for “clocking in”, “clocking out”, “taking a break/clock in” or “taking a break/clock out”. The HourDoc system then receives these SMS text messages, and posts the according time entries to that employee’s electronic timesheet.

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