Hotel in Japan has Train Room for guests to play Engine Driver

by Shayne Rana

In some of the big hotels the world over, it’s not unusual to have themed rooms, but there’s nothing ‘usual’ about Japan is there? Trains are a big deal in Japan and immensely popular it seems. They’re so popular in fact, that The Washington Hotel (???) in Akihabara actually has a special room just for model train lovers. A large L-shaped space has been created in the room with a detailed recreation of a railway snaking around a replica of Akiba and Tokyo Tower. It’s a fully interactive display where guests can play ‘Choo-Choo’ for as long as they’re residents of the room. The track is approximately 30 meters end-to-end. Guests also have the option of brining their own trains in to play with. You can rent this room for about $265 per night but reservations are full for the next month.

[Japan Trends]

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