Hot cosplay nurses and doctors dish out burgers at Taiwanese McDonald’s outlet

by Gavril Mankoo

Beautiful doctors and their nurses have never been known to serve anything but painful shots and disgusting medicines before, right? Well, times are changing and Kaohsiung citizens were recently the first in the world to experience the joys of being served delicious food by doctors and nurses who’re nothing short of eye-candy! McDonald’s Taiwan recently decided upon a fresh new way to bring hungry men back into their store and had waitresses clad skimpily like doctors and nurses take orders and serve them!

Sporting mini-length nurse uniforms and thigh-high lacy stockings, these pretty lasses did manage to grab attention, obviously, and gleefully dished out fries, burgers and the rest of the stuff available on the Taiwanese McDonald’s menu to somewhat shocked and surprised customers. No, not every McDonald’s outlet around the world will have these cosplay babes serving burgers and the event spanned just a day, the first day of the year that is. Also, given the fact that this is a McDonald’s outlet, with children around, a few flirty lines passed from customers didn’t really stir up anything worth mentioning. We do love the idea of pretty doctors and nurses serving fast food however, so long as they aren’t chasing us down hospital aisles with those dreadfully long syringes.






[Via – Rocketnews24]

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