Horntones FX-550 MP3 for car horns is not so happening

by Dhiram Shah

Walking down your street imagine a car passing by and honking ‘Pretty Woman’ for you. Now that may sound flattering that the flirt is trying to hit a chance with you. But if the guy is not so handsome, and a creep, what are the chances you would want to get caught in such a situation. Opening a hornet’s nest for debate is the Horntones MP3 Car horn. An intriguing concept to set up to eight different sounds, ranging from nature to voices and music as your car horn, unfortunately there are many misfits in our society that would not use the concept in the right spirit. Sounds and songs are loaded to the unit via any USB flash drive. The unit can sit on top of the dash or installed in-dash. In addition to the unit, you’ll have to buy an amplifier to put in the engine. The amp will connect to your regular horn speaker. I can imagine the entire ruckus creative minds will cause with such a device in their hands.

Horntones FX-550 will be available from April onwards and will cost $149.99.

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