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Honeywell HS-NE03 LED fans cool your room

by Dhiram Shah

Unless you the Mitsubishi ZX series air conditioner installed there will be always be hot and cold areas in the same room. To maximise the efficiency of your AC here is the Honeywell HS-NE03 triple fan air circulator. With the LED’s on not only does it look super cool but uniformly cools the room and helps you save power. Each of the three fans oscillate in separate directions or can be set manually. The design of the product is such that when not in use it acts like a showpeice.

The Honeywell HS-NE03 is available in Japan for 17,000 Yen ($ 145)

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  1. natlee

    wow amazing, functional and pretty! And ANd AND where do you get it?


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