Honda’s EV-neo clean and a green electric-motorbike is cute and gets far after users say – Just Charge it

by Shayne Rana

Honda’s latest electric scooter, the EV-neo is a cute little bike, for your pizza deliver guy though, not you. It’s a great little electric bike that you can just plug into any old wall socket and get juiced up the your next run. The company says you should get about 30Km to the charge and a full charge should take a bit over 20 minutes at a 200V power source. It’s not really a bike that’s designed for the average consumer who just needs something to get around in or hit the grocery store and back. Honda says its prime demographic for the EV-neo is the small business owner. So your groceries can get delivered to you on this bike instead of vice versa. It’s been designed to handle a ride and some load, which could have been another rider but I’ll settle for groceries. It’s due to hit Japan this December.

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