Honda’s 13 year old P4 ASIMO Prototype looks sleeker, ASIMO now looks like he’s put on a few pounds over the years

by Shayne Rana

Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO, has got to be one the most popular robots in our day and age. For the last decade he’s been steadily evolving. However one can’t look to the future without know where we’ve been, so keeping that in mind, Honda recently revealed one of ASINO’s initial prototypes and his name is P4 for Prototype 4. What’s quite remarkable is that P4 actually looks a little slimmer and trimmer than the ASIMO we know and love of toady. He weighs in at about 80kg (176 lbs) and is about 160cms (5′3″) tall. Not that I know much about robotics but P4 does look a little sleeker and lighter and definitely more versatile than today’s ASIMO.


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