Honda’s Walking Assist is set to reduce walking rehabilitation time significantly

by Gareth Mankoo

Honda has released a much needed solution for those recovering from accidents and disabilities, to help them get onto their feet sooner. The Honda Walking Assist supports the rehabilitation of walking and aspires to make its way to most significant hospitals soon. It employs the inverted pendulum model, a two-legged walking theory, to aid patients in gaining the support and confidence of taking their new steps into the world. Doctors and therapists have been instrumental behind the technique that trains the wearer to maintain a proper gait. Honda have been at this noble task for a while now. With the becoming of ASIMO, we bore testimony to the near resemblance they managed to provide, to the actual human gait.

Efforts for the same date back to 1999. Around 50 hospitals around the country have cooperated in this discovery. Here’s to the company that’s not just about progressive technology but also a harbinger of healing.

[Via – Car Watch]