Honda introduce Moto 3 GP machines for a whopping $35,000

by Gareth Mankoo

The Grand Prix has known some wonderful bikes that have graced the 125CC sport for a while now. Next year we will see Moto 3 machines taking to the tracks and peeling the belief of their wonder from our eyes. So, to mark their readiness to this surprising change of event in the history of GP, Honda have given us a taste of their 250CC machine. The machines will weigh 84kg, and pump up 13,000 rpm with NSF250R. So, with Moto 3, you get engines with four stroke, 250CC performance and a minimum bore of 81mm to last at least three races, all competing for our thrills.

Then comes in the question of the bike’s price. Honda claims that their Moto 3 costs $35,000, a price many would like to love or hate, with justifications of sorts.