Honda develops BMI robot hand

by Dhiram Shah

The Honda Research Institute Japan along with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) have developed Brain Machine interface (BMI) which operates a robot based on brain activity. However it is different from earlier BMI technology as for the first time brain activity is deciphered in real time without invasive incision of the head and brain. MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is used to analyze the change in blood patterns which is related to brain activity. The blood pattern changes with every action which is deciphered and send to the robot hand which in turn performs actions. However there is delay of a few seconds as it takes time to process the change in blood patterns.
(Video after the jump for more)

As seen in the video the hand moments on the subject result in a change in blood patterns which are deciphered and converted to action by the Robot hand.
Very soon it will be effortless to ascertain and decipher what’s going on in one’s mind !

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