Honda Motors gets nod from California to run self-driving cars

by Gareth Mankoo

The State of California is racing ahead in the field of self-driving car technology. State officials approved Honda’s permit to take the company’s self-driving fleet on the streets. Honda joins Google and Volkswagen AG to hit the Californian streets with cars that could drive themselves. Other companies that have already received approvals include BMW AG, Mercedes Benz, Tesla Motors Inc and Nissan. Honda will most likely flood the streets with their Honda and Acura car models. The company has established its autonomous vehicle testing facility in Concorde, California, already. This is somewhere around the north-east of San Francisco. This would be a great avenue to give cars a test run before they hit the streets.

While the technology is expected to come in by 2020, other states such as Michigan, Florida and Nevada have already paved the way for self-driven cars. The future seems bright for automobiles to truly go auto.

[ Via : Reuters]