An airbag for smartphones could be Honda’s next big idea

by Gareth Mankoo

We are used to being overly surprised by Honda. Their uncanny knack to pull of something really inspiring and brilliant is pretty much commonplace in the minds of those who desire novelty. A video of an airbag, specially designed to protect cellphones from impacts and more. Called the Case N, the airbag is looks like a pretty good way to ensure that your expensive phone doesn’t fall to pieces. It’s true that the idea is good and all but alas, the video happens to be a fake. Now we’re in that infinite look of consideration of whether it really is a fake or the news of it being a fake is fake. Well, time and Honda could help us solve that riddle.

When you think of most things that Honda make possible with their innovative designs, a video that shows of their nerve for humor could well step into reality and shock us all. Or maybe the company is taking its first baby steps into the gizmo and gizmo accessory world. Why not?

[Via – Autoblog]