Honda builds the worlds fastest lawn mower

by Sayan Chakravarty

In a drag race, can a Porsche 911 beat a lawn mower to the quarter mile mark? Sounds absurd right! Let’s give you a real life example of the classic turtle Vs hare race, only difference being, the turtle is on some badass steroids. This lunacy is a result of coupling a mundane Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor with a fire breathing 1000cc VTR Firestorm motorcycle engine. Honda joined hands with BTCC race partners ‘Team Dynamics’ to come up with this 109 HP- world’s fastest lawn mower, aptly named ‘Mean Mower’. It can do a top speed of 130 Mph and obliterate a 0-60 sprint under 4.3 seconds.

The reigning BTCC champion Gordon “Flash” Shedden took his chance on this crazy machine to break the previous record of the fastest lawn mower which had a top speed of 96.5 Mph. Flash took this souped up machine to only 100 Mph, 30 less than the claimed top speed. What’s crazy is that all this modification hasn’t tinkered with its lawn mowing capabilities. It can shave off the extra grass at the speed of 15 Mph. Crank up the volume and watch the video, its proper madness!






[Via – Jalopnik]

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