Honda gives a glimpse at the future with automatic driverless valet parking system

by Sayan Chakravarty

I don’t find it comfortable to hand over my cars to valet parking agents and I am pretty sure many you go through the same horror. I cringe with pain when the valet guy slams the door and vanishes with my car. But Honda’s automatic driverless valet parking system, which is currently in prototype phase, gives us a glimmer of hope. The Japanese company has developed a low cost automatic valet system that uses surveillance cameras fitted in the parking lots and the rear camera of the vehicle to guide the cars into empty parking spots without any human interference.

As you can see in the video posted by Honda, two cars (Honda Fit or Jazz as it’s know in some markets) are used to demonstrate the system. The drivers get off the cars and on a press of a button they automatically find empty spots and park themselves. It can also be wirelessly called back to its original position steering clear of objects in its path. All it uses are the white guiding lines, the rear parking camera of the vehicle which are very popular and surveillance cameras. Honda believes they can smoothen out rough edges and commercially use it before 2020.

[Via – Diginfo]