Honda and Komatsu Announces Joint Development to Electrify Komatsu Micro Excavator PC01 Powered by Honda Swappable Batteries

by dhiram

Honda Motor and Komatsu today signed a basic agreement and begun joint development to electrify Komatsu micro excavator PC01- world’s smallest riding excavator powered by Honda Mobile Power Pack (The micro excavator is a collective product name for the Komatsu PC01, PC05 and PC09 mini excavator models). Honda Motor and Komatsu have been at the forefront of the industry in taking initiative to realize products with low environmental impact. Honda has been expanding the lineup of products powered by MPPs, and Komatsu introduced a battery-powered mini excavator to the Japanese market in April 2020.

In addition to significantly reducing noise and exhaust heat, electrification of the micro excavator will reduce its environmental impact by realizing zero exhaust gas emission, which enables users to work comfortably in various indoor and outdoor work environments. Moreover, by taking advantage of the unique features of MPP as a swappable battery, the user can continue using the electrified equipment without waiting for a MPP to recharge.

Through this joint development, the two companies will electrify the Komatsu PC01 micro excavator by equipping it with Honda MPPs (Honda Mobile Power Pack is a swappable battery developed by Honda. Honda has introduced multiple MPP-powered business-use two-wheeled and three-wheeled scooters as the Honda e: Business Bike Series) and an electrified power unit (eGX). Among various construction machines Komatsu offers, the PC01 is most likely to be used for various functions at worksites near people, trees, flowers and ornamental plants, including pipe-laying, landscaping and agricultural and livestock work. The two companies will strive to introduce the electrified Komatsu PC01 before the end of the current fiscal year, ending March 31, 2022.