Holy Lego of God! A scale model of the Vatican is here

by Gareth Mankoo

The arrival of the pontiff in the US has everyone in a frenzy. Among the most amazing tributes to the leader of the Catholic Church is this amazing Lego scale model of the Vatican. It took over half a million bricks to bring this one into reality. Pastor Bob Simon of St. Catherine of Siena Church from Philadelphia spent the last 10 months working on this model. If you look closely at the structure he created, you will feel the soul and heart he put into it. The detail and finesse in the finish and construction of each layer is commendable. Do not miss St. Mark’s Basilica and Square. The throng of people is also endearing.

Among the amazing things that were found in the ensemble was a nun with a selfie stick and the Holy Father waving from his balcony. While it may a site His Holiness is all too familiar with, the idea of Lego-love seeping through religion and spirituality is very, very intriguing.

[ Via : Inhabitat]