Holo-Paint for your iPad/iPhone allows your camera to capture holographic 3D like images

by Shayne Rana

We know the iPad or other Apple ‘i’ products are not 3D compliant but that’s not stopping developers from trying to find alternative solutions. London’s BERG studio has designed an innovative app that could make the iPad and its counterparts show off a really cool visual spectacle with a sort of 3D-ish, holographic feel. They had an idea of breaking words and pictures into slices which are displayed on an iPad screen one at a time. If you capture this display with a long exposure on your camera, you get 3D words and images extruded into thin air. The application is called Holo-Paint and is available on the app store for a mere $1. Of course you’ll need to have your camera ready as the 3D type visual will only show up in your photos. You type out whatever it is you want to have displayed and have the option of making a few adjustments to colour, thickness, depth, font and etc. tap the display to get rolling and click a picture using use long exposure settings. You’ll laso have to do all of this in a very dark room.