HoloAD tshows off 3D holographic like technology, Help up Innovision, you’re our only hope’

by Shayne Rana

3D may have been the biggest hit and this years trend at CES but it didn’t just end with TV’s that either required the use of 3D supported glasses or not like Intel and TCL’s TVs, it was a little more in depth with some companies. For instance, a Taiwanese company called Innovision took things up a notch with their HoloAD technology, 3D on steroids, so we’d think. But the fundamentals behind this amazing holographic notion that was on display is quite simple. The system is placed inside a see-through glass pyramid-like casing that’s flat at the rear. A set of three separate images are projected onto the trapezoidal sides giving it a 3D hologram look, just like you’d expect to see in some Star Trek type movie. If you take a look at the video the company even managed to make it seem like the image itself was emanating from the iPhone that’s placed inside this shell. It’s brilliant!