Holiday Inn starts Bed Warming service, with the warmth of human kindness, literally

by Shayne Rana

In some sort of vague endeavour to offer clientele a more ‘homely’, lived in feel, Holiday Inn’s London, Kensington location has come up with a very unique method of ‘room service’. Their idea is to have someone jump into your bed and stay there till it’s warm enough. No no! You’re not going to be in it, fortunately or unfortunately, if you get my drift. A new service of bed warming is an option where residents can request their beds be warmed by human means and a member of the staff, apparently fully attired in what I can image is some sort of official sleep-ware, will get into your bed to warm it up for you by laying in it. Is it just me or does this seem a little creepy to you? On the other hand it all depends on who’s doing the warming (wink wink). By the way we all have to hope the picture isn’t what it’s all about!