Hi-tech anti-piracy cameras do well to capture emotions in cinema halls

by Gareth Mankoo

Not many of us opt for movies that stretch us to our emotional bests. For instance, not all of us would mind shelling out a buck for a horror movie, or for a comedy movie, for that matter. However, what we do know is that there exists a technology that demands the attention of the movie-going masses, to go on record. By recording these reactions of audiences during a movie, advertisers will gauge the situation on-screen and choose their advertisements accordingly. This move, it seems, will also help track down ‘criminals’ who record movies in cinema halls and later pirate them. The research is being carried out by Machine Vision Lab. With the help of facial recognition, it manages to track emotions expressed by viewers.

‘Obviously cinema audiences are spread out in large theatre settings so we need to build instruments that can capture data for different purposes,’ said Dr Farooq who leads the project. ‘We will use 2D cameras to detect emotion but will also collect movement data through a 3D data measurement that will capture the audience as a whole as a texture.’

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