Hitachi’s new 42-inch LED packs a 320GB HDD and multiple channel recording

by Shayne Rana

Hitachi has just added a couple of new models to their oddly named “Wooo XP05 series” HDTV range. This new models is a 42-inch back light LED HDTV with a top resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels. It uses system that sharpens the pictures expressions and reduces unnecessary glare. The image engine also incorporates “Picture Master FULL HD2” which uses image recognition processing to adjust the brightness accordingly for every scene and also improves power consumption. Other features also include “advanced dynamic contrast”, “color limiter” and “3 dimensional digital color management” as well as resolution technology called “pixel manager”.

This TV is so loaded it’s got to weigh a ton. It comes with 320GB of internal space for recording as well as an iVDR-S slot for recording to external media. You can also record two programmes that are running simultaneously on two different channels while watching a third. It also supports plenty of popular video codecs and DLNA for a home sharing/ home entertainment set up. It also comes with memory card slots in addition to the wide range of connectivity ports like HDMI, D4 input, S2 image input, 3 composite inputs and 3 analog audio inputs, a monitor output and optical digital voice Ethernet and head phone output plus more. All of this can be yours for the sum of approximately of 250,000 Yen or $2700(USD).
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