Hitachi rolls out the GP08 and XP08 series of HDTVs

by ruchi

Some time back we heard that Hitachi was planning to shut down its TV productions owing to the major losses faced across the industry in Japan. In spite of that, the company has unveiled their latest set of TV with the GP08 and XP08 series. The TVs feature 500GB of internal HDD, LED backlight IPS Panel and 3D capabilities. The GP08 series would be available in sizes ranging from with a Full HD resolution and the XP08 series in choices of 32” (HD), 37” and 42” (Full HD.) These will also come with a new Power Unit which reduces power consumption. Also, much like the Onkyo App, even Hitachi would their dedicated app which let you control your TV with your iPad or iPhone. The GP08 series is priced at US$2874, US$3257 and US$4180 for 50″, 46″ and 42″ sizes respectively. The XP08 series, on the other hand, will be be available for US$1895, US$2221 and US$2482 for 32″, 37″ and 42″ sizes in that order.

[Akhihabara News]

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