Hitachi develops the world’s most powerful Lithium Ion battery for cars!

by Dhiram Shah

Hitachi have put a huge smile on the faces of electric car owners and manufacturers, with the announcement of a new, more able, li-ion battery. After surprising quite a few with the battery that they developed last year, the company has put in some good time, energy and resources to pull out this successor which has an output density that is 70% more and a lifeline that’s 20% longer! The new battery has an output density of 4500 W! The company claims that it will have a lifespan that will exceed 10 years!

Hitachi has tasted success in the production of large lithium ion batteries. They have managed to sell about 600,000 units since 2000. Hence their claim about their latest battery being the most powerful in the market cannot be doubted.

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