Hitachi Celebrate Their Centenary With a Life Microscope

by iona

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Hitachi is presenting us with: Life Microscope, a gadget to make us feel guilty about our stagnant daily lives. Life Microscope is like a pedometer for your wrist. It records every single movement you make, or fail to, throughout the day. Hitachi claims the gadget can accurately differentiate between the time you spend working, sleeping, gaming, exercising and so on, to help you better allocate your work/life/exercise balance. It can also provide doctors with information to help them better advise patients and speed their recovery. Life Microscope seems like a pretty anticlimactic commemoration of Hitachi’s centenary. Perhaps if they had added a few anime characters to the design, it may have captured the minds of their home country audience, but let’s be frank – it’s not even cute. Details of pricing and distribution have yet to be confirmed.
[Gizmowatch And Akihabaranews]

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