Hitachi Maxell’s new TGS10BK speakers that ‘hang in the balance’ to provide the clearest tones

by Shayne Rana

With its feet firmly planted in the soil of innovation comes the MXSP-TGS10BK – Floating Speaker System designed and launched by Hitachi Maxell. Inspired from old-school music-hall type microphones that dangled from a wire, each TGS10BK full range speaker (140 × 140 × 200mm )is also suspended in the center of its specially designed stand (170 × 170 × 380mm). The speaker and stand weighs in at about 2.5 lbs (1,150g).

The TGS10BK’s shell is designed in a rather ergonomic shape, kind of like an egg. They’re designed to be fully compatible with today’s “high-resolution” audio formats for playback. This particular design was commissioned as a means to try and resolve the issue of vibrations caused at higher levels i.e. to suppress the unnecessary radiation noise and thereby prevent distortion in audio (even if it’s absolutely minor). The suspended design should counter this problem and help deliver more “pure” sound. The egg shape should also provide for the prevention of unnecessary incidental sound that some believe to be caused by the more ‘mundane’ square shaped boxes. Each speaker is capable of delivering 15W with a maximum of 30W featuring an Impedance of 4Ω.

hitachi-maxell-tgs10k-speakers-2The Hitachi Maxell MXSP-TGS10BK floating speaker will be available over the counter for a price of about $850 (¥ 100,000) to $1690 (¥ 200,000).

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