Hiroshima University students develop a cushion of a car

by Gareth Mankoo

Not everyone digs driving extra cautiously to keep from bumping edges and compromising paint-jobs. Nor does every like that annoying safety bag opening up in the face, right after a nerve-wrecking crash. What people do like is to drive around and not be guilty should they collide into dear friends. This has been thought of thoroughly by the students of Hiroshima University. The ultra-soft cushioned car is covered by a air-filled cushions that protect pedestrians and those on board. The electric car can travel up to 30 kms on an overnight charge and can touch speeds of 50 kmph. The three-wheeler design does look awkward though, with the third wheel in the rear.

Should this cushioned car make it stateside it would cost around $9300. Like cushions, the car can be made available in various colors. Then again, does it soak rain water?


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