Highways England plans roads that charge hybrids as they drive!

by Gareth Mankoo

What better means to encourage green-driving than making charging of hybrids a sweet deal? Highways England has something planned that could change the way people perceive hybrid electrics. They are in the works to pioneer a road with electromagnetic field generating equipment buried under it that would charge cars fitted with particular wireless technology. The testing will take up a good year and a half before the system is deemed safe. A dedicated lane would make perfect sense to ensure that speed limits are adhered to and that excessive power need not be generated across all lanes. This would be a world-inspiring phenomena as soon as the implementation kicks in. It also boosts the value proposition of electric cars.

Highways England plans roads that charge hybrids 2
This seems to be inspired by the 2013 South Korean experiment where a town activated a 12 kilometer route that charged special buses as they plied. Over 500 million pounds are to be invested in ensuring that this novel idea take route across significant roads.
Highways England plans roads that charge cars 2

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