Here’s how to stuff an iPhone into a Christmas card

by Gareth Mankoo

There aren’t too many ideas in the list of innovations that folks have come up with while using the iPhone that can live up to this one. Behold, here’s a simple trick to make yourself the most perfect Christmas gig for the chick next door. She will surely fall for this one. There’s just one pre-requisite, make sure that she doesn’t already own an iPhone. You’ll need an iPhone with the Bauble application installed in it. This can be found in the App Store. A bit of card, glue and some paper can work the rest of the magic for you. I totally dig the way the application responds to the tilting of the card.

Probably, one of the world’s most expensive Christmas card, was made by one Chris Stevens. Make sure that you also include the cost of glue, paper, the app, etc when making an estimate of your gifting expenditure, that’s if this video inspires you well enough.