Here’s a flexible Li-polymer battery

by Gareth Mankoo

A lot of innovative designs haven’t made it to the supply chain and died away as concepts or prototypes, mainly because the god damned battery needed by the device couldn’t be accommodated. So, we have a solution for those who wish to dive into the world of flexibilities. This ‘sheet-type all-solid polymer lithium storage battery’ by Mie Industry Enterprise Support Center (MIESC) is still in a prototype stage but the benefits of it are far reaching. It is thin, safe, flexible and also large in area. There’s no separator used between the layers (negative electrode layer, electrode layer and electrolyte layer) and it’s made by roll-to-roll process.

The A6 size li-ion battery has a thickness of just 450 mm, an initial capacity of 45 mAh and a discharge rate of 0.02C and 1.0C. Expect it to preview at the First International Rechargeable Battery Expo in Tokyo, between March 3rd and 5th in Tokyo.

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