Here’s why the Apple Watch costs you so much?

by Gareth Mankoo

When you think watches you think beyond time. If not, you’re not a watch person, per say. And to claim being a watch person and a geek would simply need to be overkill. That’s what the Apple Watch could bring out in folk. For starts it looks classy enough to justify its costs. In the words of Tim Cook, “It’s the most advanced timepiece ever created. A device that will revolutionize how you connect with others. And a comprehensive health and fitness companion.” Fair enough, let’s take a look at it inch-by-inch. Like most former smart watches, it comes with a customizable face and a number of elements they can choose to include on the face, from weather updates to music toggling. The Glances feature makes it easy to deal with a number of applications on a display of this size. Besides allowing you to make calls from your wrist, the Digital Touch feature enhances the intimacy between two people using the device to communicate. Through this feature they can connect and share notes as well as their heartbeats across. Coming to the less mushy side of the device, the health and fitness module is simply beautiful in all design sense and keeps you on toes with what you’re doing right. Last but not the least is the battery that promises to last all day, with 18 hours of life post a single charge.

apple-watch-1Price wise the device will range from $349 to $17,000.



[Via – Freshnessmag]

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