Here’s What You Need to Know About Buying The New iPhone 6S Case

by Dhiram Shah

So much of Apple’s stock and trade is tied up in the aesthetic beauty of their devices. Ironically, the most popular of those devices is almost never seen in the raw except in retail stores and TV commercials. In most all other cases, it is seen in just that: cases. Here’s what you should know about your next one:

There Is a 50/50 Chance Your Old One Will Continue to Work with the New iPhone

Some people make a big deal of the iPhone’s tic/tok cycle. That refers to the fact that certain types of changes happen with the iPhone every other year. Last year, we got the numbered iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This year, we will get the 6S. The S-line tends to bring internal upgrades such as:
* Processor
* Graphics sub-system
* Camera
* Motion co-processor
When it comes to performance and features, the S-cycle is arguably the one to be on. Whether that is the tic or the tok, it is hard to say. Just remember, we got VoiceOver accessibility and Siri on the S-cycle.
The number cycle is usually the one with the outward changes. The iPhone 3G went to plastic. The 4 went to glass. The 5 got stretched. The 6 got Plus sized and back to its metal roots. Whether you need a new case can generally be predicted by which model you are coming from. If you are going to an S, but currently have the same number (6 to 6S), then you will likely not need to buy any new cases. If things stay true to form, the iPhone will not change enough to warrant a new case. If you are separated by two upgrades, you will need a new case regardless of the tic or tok cycle.

Time to Try Something Different

Consumers seem to love case-shopping season. The first thing they do when the new phone comes out is to find the perfect case (or four), and accessorize. Many seem to actually feel cheated when the new iPhone comes out and has no physical changes from the last one. Whether or not they put it in a case, no one can tell at a glance that they got the new one. Also, people get a little tired of the same thing for too long. Apple changes things up every two years. But if that is not enough for you, the next best thing is to change things up with a new case – especially since there are sure to be plenty of new styles for iPhone 6s cases.
Don’t just get a new color. This is a good time to try a new style. There are many from which to choose. You can do the wallet style, the rugged style, the decorative style, the barely-there snap-on, the bumper, or the screen protector-only. Trying a new style of case is a lot like getting a completely new phone.

It Is Not About Need

Let’s clear this up once and for all: Putting a case on your phone has never been about need. Unless you drop your phone a lot, or work in dangerous environments, no one actually needs a case. That will be even more true this time around if rumors are to be believed. Apple will be using even tougher materials for the chassis.
You buy an iPhone case for the same reason you buy ear rings and nail polish. It’s fun fashion, and fabulous. Don’t let anyone try to sell you on a better reason than that. If you really want extra protection for your phone, get the expensive, protective cases. Most people don’t, because that is not why they are buying a case. This is the part of the process that is done simply for the joy of it. Get ready. iPhone 6S case season is about to begin.