Here’s how Tokyo changed into one giant nightclub

by Gareth Mankoo

Japanese Mobile Carrier AU’s new commercial, pimping FULL CONTROL/Xmas has given our nocturnal senses the tingle at the dire end of the weekend. Showing off its 4G LTE capabilities, the commercial hints at how the technology is 10x the speed of 3G networks. The campaign is labelled as “Making surprise the standard” and targets the masses, portraying a hypothetical situation where every sight and sound of an entire city is controlled by smartphones.

The carrier has an ambitious target of capturing 98% of Japan by March 2013. Here’s a little trivia in what could be a viral campaign An actual hot air balloon and search lights was used in the ad. Tt took nearly 20 hours in the studio to angle the lighting to perfection.Some Japanese companies are known for making really clever commercials, others are known for making some really dumb commercials (looking at you Sony). Mobile carrier au (pronounced “A-U”) has proven itself a part of the former camp with its fantastic new commercial, “FULL CONTROL/Xmas”, whi…