Here’s how it feels to be in a Hennessy Venom GT at 265.7 mph!

by Gareth Mankoo

Welcome to the thrill. It’s been quite a plain take over for the recently famed Hennessy Venom GT that has claimed the land-speed record for being the fastest production vehicle. The title has been abruptly stripped from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The Guinness Book of World Records recently announced that it was stripping the title from the Super Sport because of an investigation into its 2010, 267.856mph, which run revealed that the speed limiter had been deactivated, going against the GBWR’s rules and making the Super Sport no longer qualify as a ‘production vehicle’. When the Venom GT was challenged to break the record, it was allotted a 2-mile runway and the car was still accelerating when it was forced to slow down. This means that the 265.7 mph record isn’t yet the best that the car could offer. There’s more!

It goes without saying that this run can easily be covered by a privileged few who have their stakes high in automobile publishing houses and car review shows. So, we decided to share this stunning video with you and give you a chance to see what it actually feels like. The 1,200-horsepower Hennessy Venom GT, you can get your hands on one for the cool sum of $1,000,000.

[Via – Ohgizmo]

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